Congratulations Lisa Rothman for Your Acceptance to Leadership Asheville

We would like to send a big congratulation to our very own Lisa Rothman for being accepted to the 2017-18 Leadership Asheville class (L36)!

The primary aim of the Leadership Asheville Program is to strengthen participants’ knowledge of, commitment to, and involvement in collaborative community leadership. The program is designed to develop, connect, and mobilize citizens from cross-sectors of the community, including business, nonprofit, education, and government.

It is an honor to be accepted into the program.

Previous McGuire Wood & Bissette participants:

Murphy Fletcher (LA 35)
Andrew Atherton (LA 34)
Alston Ludwig (LA 33)
Harris Livingstain (LA 32)
Sabrina Rockoff (LA 31)
Mary Euler (LA 24)
Richard Kort (LA 17)
John N. Fleming (LA 16)
Thomas C. Grella (LA 10)
Doris Phillips Loomis (LA 7)
Joe McGuire (LA 6)

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