The hospitality industry is critical to the economy, success, and character of Western North Carolina.  Our hospitality team includes attorneys with a variety of expertise—including employment, business,  and real estate—who are ready to assist you with the complex legal issues affecting the hospitality industry.  In addition to our attorneys’ significant experience, our long-standing support of the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association, Asheville Brewers Alliance, Asheville Downtown Association, and other industry groups allows us to play an integral role in serving the legal needs of the hospitality industry.

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Western North Carolina has quickly grown into one of the most popular travel destinations in the country, and the lodging industry plays a critical role. Our hospitality team combines a broad range of experience in real estate, zoning and land use, local government, and employment to help our lodging clients address the federal, state, and local laws affecting their operations.

  • Assist with obtaining governmental approvals, such as special use permits, rezoning or conditional zoning, and variances
  • Negotiate and draft important contracts such as real estate purchase agreements and construction contracts
  • Advise on workforce issues including employment contracts, personnel policies, and employee discipline and termination 


With its many outdoor opportunities and well-known music scene, Western North Carolina is fortunate to have a thriving entertainment industry. This industry faces unique challenges related to liability risks, personnel, and real estate. Our hospitality team has the experience and technical knowledge to help you navigate these complex legal issues while fulfilling your business goals and providing quality entertainment.

  • Managing liability risks through contracts, waivers, and corporate structure
  • Employee management, including drafting employment policies and advising on personnel decisions
  • Business planning related to real estate, zoning, commercial leases, entity formation, and permits


We understand the demanding nature of the restaurant industry and its significance to the Asheville area. Our experienced attorneys provide technical and practical advice to help you meet the challenges of managing staff, protecting valuable recipes, and complying with the many laws and regulations affecting restaurants. Additionally, if you are considering expanding your operations, we can guide you through acquiring real estate, and selecting the appropriate corporate structure.

  • Advice regarding employee management, including drafting employment policies, training supervisors, and applying proper pay practices, particularly for tipped employees
  • Protection and management of intellectual property, including recipes and logos through employment agreements
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance with health departments and the ABC Commission
  • Business planning such as entity formation, partnership negotiations, and real estate sales and acquisitions


Craft breweries and related businesses are one of the most important and well-known elements of Asheville and the surrounding area. Our craft beverage team, which includes attorneys who serve as faculty members of the Craft Beverage Institute of the Southeast, plays an integral role in serving the unique legal needs of the industry. Whether you are opening your first brewery, expanding your operations, or just managing the day-to-day, our attorneys will help you through the complex issues facing the craft beverage industry.

  • Assistance with regulatory compliance related to permitting, tax reporting, labeling and advertising, and operations
  • Drafting distribution and franchise agreements
  • Advice related to employee management, including drafting employment policies, applying proper pay practices, and training supervisors
  • Business planning such as entity formation, lease negotiations, financing, real estate matters, and succession planning

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