Meet MWB Summer Intern Julianne Vanderkwaak

McGuire Wood & Bissette Intern Julianne Vanderkwaak
McGuire Wood & Bissette Intern Julianne Vanderkwaak

Julianne Vanderkwaak

We are so pleased to welcome Julianne into the MWB family as our summer intern. She is an upcoming junior at The University of Alabama as an accounting and finance major.

While we have her here, before she heads back to school, she will be spending time with staff and attorneys learning what they do to keep our Firm running. Julianne is exploring the possibility of pursuing a law degree post graduation. So far she’s witnessed the signing of general estate planning documents, attended a pre-trial deposition, scanned and closed files, and even learned a bit about marketing for law firms. She’s spending time getting exposure in the different practice areas here at the Firm so she can get an idea of the variety of law available. It’s a pleasure having her here!

The following is an offering from Julianne giving a perspective into who she is. Thank you Julianne for showing us this side of yourself!

My favorite hobby is running. I started running when I was twelve years old and have been consistent with it ever since. I love the adventure that it brings. I was a part of a cross country team throughout middle and high school here in the Asheville area. I was never the fastest on my team, but I still loved the competition; competition against myself and other teams. I would compete against myself in order to become a better runner each day. Each practice and race was a new challenge for me to undertake. The competition against other teams was not just about winning. It helped form a family-like community between my teammates, coaches, and me, whether we won or not. We were required to come together to work towards a common goal.

After I graduated high school, I chose to attend The University of Alabama (Roll Tide). I brought my love and passion for running with me all the way from the mountains of Asheville, NC to the college football town of Tuscaloosa, AL. I continued to compete by taking on a new challenge of running half marathons, jumping from 3.1 miles to 13.1-mile races. I have successfully completed three half marathons thus far and have made a goal to run a full marathon before I graduate college. Throughout the years, competition running taught me how to work with others, make and achieve goals by putting my best effort forth, and provide encouragement for other people’s accomplishments as well. 

Similarly to running, I am taking this internship on as a new challenge. The staff and attorneys here at McGuire Wood & Bissette are a team that have graciously accepted me into the fold. I have witnessed how the people here collaborate with each other. They celebrate and encourage the success of everyone just as a little high school cross country team might after winning a race or documenting a single personal record. I hope to be an asset for this team during the time that I am here as an intern. I have the opportunity to work with and learn about different specializations of law practice in order to help me in my future career choice. I am very appreciative to the people at McGuire Wood & Bissette for giving me this opportunity and I am excited for what is ahead in this new adventure.




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