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Elder Abuse—Know the Warning Signs

As I checked the news this morning, one particular story caught my eye—a “manager” and “caregiver” for Stan Lee (the famous Marvel comic book writer, editor, and publisher) was arrested for filing a false police report.  This arrest follows a...

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Medicaid Myth Buster #1: The State Will Take My Home

The rules surrounding the long-term care Medicaid program are complicated.  There are rules about medical need, income, and assets.  Most individuals are aware that strict rules exist, but the details are lost in translation to the detriment of those that...

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For those of you who waited until the very end to take all or any of your IRA required minimum distributions for 2015 and have outstanding charitable pledges, Congress and the President have given you the perfect gift. On December 18, 2015, President Obama...

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