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Dec. 22, 2015

For those of you who waited until the very end to take all or any of your IRA required minimum distributions for 2015 and have outstanding charitable pledges, Congress and the President have given you the perfect gift. On December 18, 2015, President Obama signed…

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The Vacation Home LLC

Sep. 3, 2015

A family vacation property is its own type of unique asset, and as such, it deserves its own structure for decision-making, succession, and managing transitions within a family. A well-conceived governance structure for a vacation property involves many practical issues. For example: What kind of…

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North Carolina Residents Achieve a Better Life Experience

Aug. 19, 2015

On August 11, 2015 the Governor signed into law the North Carolina Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (North Carolina ABLE Act).   While the legislation does not fully meet the lofty expectations the title implies, it does allow disabled North Carolina residents to save a…

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Estate Planning for Mike and Carol Brady

May. 13, 2015

The picture perfect second marriage for the couple was one of the prevailing themes of this successful sitcom.  Mike, a successful architect, and Carol, a “stay at home Mom”- seemed have had it all figured out in the blended family scenario, and everyone that tuned in…

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Mar. 18, 2015

Last month’s blog post pointed out the pitfalls of considering document preparation as the main goal of an estate planning engagement. It pointed out that the value of the attorney-client face-to-face interchange cannot be overemphasized and it set out areas which require consideration of alternatives…

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Feb. 20, 2015

We are all somewhat familiar with online sites which offer to individuals in need of estate planning services the preparation of “a personalized legal document specific to your state.” Individuals using the services of such companies are asked to complete questionnaires which include basic asset…

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A Conversation about Elder Law

Jan. 12, 2015

As the New Year has begun and the holidays have passed now is a good time to understand and have a conversation with family about Elder and Special Needs Law. An estimated 78 million Baby Boomers turned 65 in 2011. By 2020 that number is…

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Assess Your Need for Advanced Estate Planning

Sep. 15, 2014

In my prior Blog post entitled "You Can Do This," I discussed how we can get past the emotional obstacles that often cause us to procrastinate in addressing our estate planning. This second part assumes that you have now negotiated that obstacle and realize that…

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You Can Do This: The Most Enduring Gift For Your Family – An Estate Plan

Jun. 30, 2014

It is human nature to delay thinking about an unpleasant life event – death or disability. However, if we can get past that mental obstacle and recognize that our death is a certainty, and disability a real possibility given that advancements in medicine will keep…

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Do You Need A Revocable Trust?

May. 15, 2014

You may have read articles written on the need for disposition of your assets at death under a will and revocable trust agreement, rather than a will alone.  You may have attended a talk or seminar on the issue.  You may have heard from friends…

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