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    Protecting and managing the intellectual property of your business — including trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents — is often paramount to your continued success. The Intellectual Property Team at McGuire, Wood & Bissette can assist you with both preserving and realizing the value of this incredibly important business asset.

    Services Intellectual Property - McGuire Wood & Bissette Law FirmIP Ownership and Confidentiality: When you engage employees or contractors to work for your business, you may need to ensure that the intellectual property they are using and creating is owned by your business and is kept confidential. Our Intellectual Property Team can help you with these and similar needs that arise when you engage other companies to explore business arrangements, such as a buyout or a strategic partnership.

    Trademark Registration and Maintenance: You likely have created a brand to market and sell the goods or services of your business and may need help registering trademarks to protect this brand. Our Intellectual Property Team can help you determine the trademark portfolio strategy that best suits your business needs, assess the risk that a confusing similar trademark already exists and address challenges to your registration by responding to office actions and opposition. In addition to helping you register your trademarks, we help ensure that you do not lose these rights for failure to renew a registration or prosecute infringers.

    IP Licensing: Your business may need to license its products, trademarks, copyrights and/or patents. Whether you are licensing software to end-users, patents and related trademarks for the manufacture of goods or a copyrightable work for use, our Intellectual Property team can help.

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