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    Western North Carolina offers many benefits to companies looking to move to the area: a highly skilled workforce, steady population growth, several institutions of higher learning, a remarkable quality of life as well as economic incentives. McGuire, Wood & Bissette’s Economic Development Team works with companies looking to locate or grow in Western North Carolina.

    Our long history with and MWB-41-webcommitment to the growth of this area puts our Economic Development Team in a unique position to assist clients looking to bring jobs and investment to Western North Carolina. The Economic Development Team’s attorneys include present and former city officials, business consultants, entrepreneurs and developers, as well as members of the Board of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, including the Vice-Chair of Economic Development.

    Our Economic Development Team assists companies with development and real estate transactions, including economic incentive acquisition and maintenance; negotiations of contracts; local government approvals; and site selection, including land use and utility concerns. We also assist entrepreneurs with business and investment plans, entity formation or relocation and intellectual property needs. In addition to serving our clients, we also serve as counsel to a WNC Economic Development Partnership and are members of the North Carolina Economic Development Association.

    Our Economic Development Team experiences and services include:

    • Working with multiple European companies to locate their US operations in North Carolina
    • Working with state, local and federal authorities in flood plain development, including representing artist studios in the River Arts District and development of the Biltmore Village flood plain
    • Negotiating contracts related to transportation improvement incentives for major retail and outlet establishments
    • Recruiting companies for retail developments by working with regional, city and county economic developers
    • Assisting in site selection and location for breweries, hotels, restaurants and retirement communities
    • Negotiating water and sewer access and upgrades with the Metropolitan Sewer District and city water authorities
    • Managing roadway, driveway and bridge improvements through state and local transportation authorities
    • Negotiating and maintaining city, county and state incentives