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    Smart Legal.

    McGuire, Wood & Bissette offers comprehensive legal guidance whether you are starting, running or exiting a business. Dedicated to serving your legal needs as a business owner or manager, our Business Team includes attorneys who focus on the following areas:

    Services Business Corporations

    Our Business Team represents all types of businesses, from publicly traded companies and family businesses to bootstrapped entrepreneurs and international corporations. We have extensive experience assisting businesses with the challenges that are unique to specific industries, such as:

    A Wealth of Experience

    Many of our Business Team attorneys have practiced at major law firms in Atlanta, Washington, New York and Raleigh. Several have prior business experience as accountants, bankers or business consultants. The diverse professional backgrounds of our Business Team help us serve the legal needs of your business efficiently and effectively.  Representative services provided by our Business Team include the following:

    Business Planning, Business Formation and Startups

    • Choice of Entity: Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Professional Corporations, Non-profit Corporations
    • Tax Status: C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, Disregarded Entities, Tax Exempt Status
    • Special Considerations: Family Limited Partnership, Investment Vehicle, Corporate Restructuring, Asset Protection, Startups
    • Startups: Business Plan Development and Analysis and Raising Capital
    • Cleanup: Entity Conversions

    Business Purchase, Sale and Restructuring

    • Asset Sales and Stock Sales
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships
    • Tax-Free Reorganizations including Split-Ups and Spin-Offs

    Raising Capital

    • Securities Offerings and Private Placements
    • Securities Law Compliance
    • Private Equity and Angel Investors
    • Traditional Bank and SBA Funding
    • Debt Funding
    • Economic Development Incentives

    Contract Drafting and Negotiations

    • Buy-Sell Provisions in Shareholder and Operating Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements
    • Supply-Chain Agreements (including Requirements Contracts)
    • Licensing, Distribution and Contract Manufacturing Agreements
    • Master Services Agreements, Purchase Orders and General Terms & Conditions
    • Independent Contractor and Professional Services Agreements
    • Term Sheets and Letters of Intent
    • Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreements
    • Escrow, Guaranty and Security Agreements
    • Asset Purchase, Stock Sale and Assignment Agreements
    • Merger, Reorganization and Joint Venture Agreements
    • Dissolution and Separation Agreements

    Internet and Software Agreements and Policies

    • Website Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and Disclaimers
    • Website and Software Development Agreements
    • Consulting Services Agreements
    • Software Licensing Agreements
    • Domain Purchase and Transfer Agreements
    • Internet Minimum Advertised Pricing Policies

    Intellectual Property

    • Trademark and Copyright Registration
    • Trademark, Copyright, Patent and Product Licensing
    • Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret Maintenance

    Commercial Real Estate Transactions

    • Purchase and Sale Contracts
    • Commercial Leases
    • Development

    Tax Planning and Wealth Preservation and Transfer

    • Corporate, Partnership, LLC and Individual Planning
    • Asset Protection and Estate Planning
    • Succession Planning and Business Transition

    Employment Matters

    • Employment Contracts, Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements
    • Employment Policies and Handbooks
    • Advice regarding Employee Complaints and Terminations
    • Sexual Harassment and Other Employee-Related Investigations
    • Representation Before Governmental Agencies
    • Representation in Federal and State Courts
    • Employee Pay Practices and Pay Audits
    • Union Avoidance, Negotiation and Arbitration

    Employee Compensation and Benefits

    • Leave, Insurance and Other Employee Benefits
    • Tax-Preferred Employee Benefits (e.g. Cafeteria Plans)
    • Executive Compensation
    • Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
    • Qualified Retirement Plans

    Litigation and Dispute Resolution

    • Corporate Litigation
    • Employment Litigation
    • Real Estate Litigation
    • Intellectual Property Litigation
    • Estates Litigation
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Tax Controversy Representation

    Debt Collection, Creditor’s Rights and Bankruptcy

    Business Termination

    • Partner Separation and Withdrawal
    • Business Dissolution and Winding Up