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    The Local Government Team at McGuire, Wood & Bissette understands the specific challenges facing local governments in litigation, employment, land use and zoning and economic development. We also understand the local regulations and federal and state statutes that may govern actions taken by a local government, from disciplining or terminating an employee to the way citizens are treated by police.

    With a former Mayor of Asheville and former Asheville City Attorney as members, our Local Government Team appreciates the political and public pressures that must be considered and managed when local governments are faced with tough decisions. We are experienced in a wide variety of local government issues and can help local governments determine their best economic development strategies, craft and implement employment policies and defend them when facing lawsuits from employees or the public.

    Representative Local Government Legal Services

    • Industries-Local Government - McGuire, Wood * Bissette, PADraft and Implement Employment Policies
    • Advice Regarding Employment-Related Complaints
    • Advice Regarding Economic Development Strategies
    • Representation through Employee Grievance Process
    • Representation in State Court Real Estate Litigations
    • Representation in Federal Court Employment Discrimination Lawsuits
    • Representation in Civil Rights Actions Brought by Citizens Against Law Enforcement
    • Tax-Exempt Financing