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The old adage, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst,” often is the most apt method of dealing with commercial or residential tenants.  A well-crafted lease significantly limits the amount of time spent dealing with tenant complaints.

The Real Estate and MWB-83-webDevelopment Team at McGuire, Wood & Bissette is experienced in all aspects of leasing investment property. Specifically, we can review your current lease and inform you of your rights under the current law and your lease agreement. Our Real Estate and Development Team may also have recommendations of changes to the lease to better protect you under the law.

We also can help you make demands for possession of the property, negotiate settlements and other dispute resolutions and, if needed, represent you in court proceedings for summary ejectment, money owed and other contractual disputes.

Range of Dispute Services

Our Real Estate and Development Team handles all types of landlord/tenant disputes, ranging from simple to complex issues concerning federal and state regulations. You receive assistance in resolving disputes so that you may focus on other aspects of your business. Services provided include:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating residential and commercial leases
  • Representation of investors purchasing investment property
  • Negotiations to alter/modify the lease terms or terminate a lease
  • Lease buyouts/workouts and other alternative dispute resolutions
  • Collection of past due rent
  • Enforcement of contractual and statutory liens
  • Advise clients as to various federal and state regulations
  • Representation in federal and state court proceedings

Our Real Estate and Development Team has experience dealing with various types of commercial and residential investment properties as well, including shopping centers, office complexes, mixed-use buildings, warehouses, mobile home parks, apartment communities, property management associations, Section 8 housing and single family residences.

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