Five MWB Members Participated in the Asheville JCC “Falafel 5K”…and lived to tell about it

Asheville JCC Falafel 5K
Asheville JCC Falafel 5K

L to R Matt Roberson, Jane Sullivan, Chris Menjivar, Maria Katsigianis, Garrison Stephens

This past Sunday May 19, the Asheville JCC hosted the 2019 Falafel 5K race. MWB members Jane Sullivan, Maria Katsigianis, Chris Menjivar, Garrison Stephens and Matt Roberson participated on that warm morning.

A few of the runners even achieved champion status! Jane came in third in her age category. Matt and Chris each came in first in their age categories. Very impressive people! See race results here.

The Falafel 5K is another way for the JCC to engage with the community. It is also the only 5K race in Asheville that ends with a falafel sandwich. Yum!

Asheville JCC Falafel 5K

Jane Sullivan “I never win anything.” This coming from the woman who won a $100 gift card to Foot Rx. See the new shoes? Winning looks good on you Jane.

Asheville JCC Falafel 5K

Chris Menjivar “No problem.”

Asheville JCC Falafel 5K

Matt Roberson “I got this.”

At the JCC, all are welcome to share in Jewish traditions, values and culture. Our JCC has been the home for Jewish life in Western North Carolina since 1940, and today we continue to be a vibrant and diverse community of people. The Asheville JCC strengthens Jewish identity, celebrates Jewish culture and builds community through a wide variety of programs for people from all backgrounds, at every stage of life.

The JCC vision statement: The Asheville Jewish Community Center provides opportunities for everyone in Western North Carolina to connect to Jewish life and culture.  We focus on ensuring that community members are supported through every life stage, with programs that enhance community life and a sense of belonging.  We continuously evaluate our programs, expanding and improving them to support our vibrant, evolving community.

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