COVID-19 and Employment Law Update – VIDEO 3/23/2020

McGuire Wood & Bissette Attorney Sabrina Rockoff
McGuire Wood & Bissette Attorney Sabrina Rockoff

MWB Employment & Labor Attorney Sabrina Rockoff

Sabrina Rockoff, employment attorney at McGuire Wood & Bissette explains the changes to FMLA as a result of the HR6201 signed into law. Keep in mind that in this season of rapid change, these employment regulations are evolving and are subject to change. Length 23:41 Follow the link to view the video. https://bit.ly/2Urz3aA

Sabrina discusses the Emergency Family Medical Leave Act in detail, paid sick leave requirements, and other aspects of the new law in detail that may have a direct bearing on you and/or your employees.

Many thanks to WCI, Inc. for producing this informational video.

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