Biltmore Lake Lecture Series On Estate Planning

McGuire Wood & Bissette Attorney Andrew Atherton

McGuire Wood & Bissette’s Estate Planning Attorneys Andrew Atherton, Sarah Sparboe ThornburgLisa Rothman and Harris Livingstain presented a panel lecture to Biltmore Lake on June 13, 2017.

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It is not just your mailing address that should be updated when you move. What issues with your estate plan do you need to address when you move to a new state or move to North Carolina? They answered questions such as:

– What if I moved to North Carolina from a community property state? – Where do I owe estate tax? – What is the cost to probate? – How does ownership of real property transfer n North Carolina? – What happens when you own property in multiple states? – What happens if I die without a Will? – Is my health care directive valid in North Carolina? – What is the difference between a DNR, MOST, Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney?

Andrew Atherton Elder Law Asheville, NCOur Trusts, Estates and Elder Law Team’s depth and experience allow us to provide both technical and practical advice. We remain current with emerging developments, trends and techniques within the practice, especially those relating to ever-changing benefits planning, wealth transfer, government regulations and tax planning laws. We are committed to providing you with confidence that the plan we develop together addresses each of your intentions and desires.

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