Attorney Spotlight Part 4: Rebecca Crandall


From time to time this news feed will include a closer look at our attorneys. The posts will be on topics not necessarily about the law but about what is personally important to our attorneys outside the office. This is the fourth installment of our spotlight as we feature Attorney Rebecca Crandall. Click here to see her bio.

Rebecca is an avid traveler. Pictured above she poses with her Giant Tortoise buddy in the Galapogos. In another picture below she is with A LOT of Iguanas also in the Galapogos. The last picture is of Rebecca high up in the Andes Mountains in Peru. Thank you Rebecca for sharing your story and photos! She was very enthusiastic about doing this article and is ready to create another story for you. Stay tuned, you will learn more about the many other interests of our Rebecca. Please enjoy the article below.

“If you visit my office at MWB, you’ll find photos from some of my favorite places. Travel is my passion; I’ve been to 45 countries as defined by the Travelers Century Club (I hope to join their ranks someday).  My photos are of places in Greece, Spain, and Asheville.

My favorite trip to date was visiting the Galapagos Islands with my husband. A baby sea lion stepped on my foot; a penguin bumped into my leg; our group had to wait for a giant tortoise to pass through the hiking trail before we could continue; and we regularly paused to watch blue footed boobies dance.  It was magical to see these animals, all totally unfazed by human observance and many that don’t live anywhere else in the world.

I had the opportunity for a very special trip this past summer – I went to France with my 6 year old daughter, my mom, my aunt, 3 of my best friends from college, and one friend’s mom. My daughter, dressed as Madeline, finally got to see in real life the tower she’s been admiring since she was a baby.  Sharing the art, history, and pastries with these women is something I’ll always treasure.

But of Galapagos and Prague, Stonehenge and Lake Titicaca, St. Petersburg and Iguazu Falls, Asheville is my favorite place in the world. Yes, the best pizza I’ve eaten was in Croatia, the most fun New Year’s Eve celebration I’ve attended was in Iceland, and the best actor I’ve seen was a coati in Mexico, but those places have nothing on Asheville. 

Why is Asheville the best? I could wax poetic about the amazing food (Curate, Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack, Blue Dream Curry House, and so many more), craft beverages (Asheville Brewing, Urban Orchard, Hillman, the Wedge, I could go on…), and the views (we have the Blue Ridge Parkway; need I say more?).  Really, though, it’s the people who make this town.  It’s Mike Rangel and the others at Asheville Brewing taking on interns and helping their competitors to raise the bar on raising a pint glass.  It’s Katie Button cooking for a Human Rights Campaign fundraiser.  It’s Flori Pate getting meals to hungry people in Asheville and beyond.  It’s Joe McGuire serving as a director for at least half of the boards in town at one time or another.

Asheville feels like home to me, and the people here are like my extended family. I’m so glad I get to play even a small part in making some of those people’s lives better (through my work here at MWB).”

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