MWB Attorney Lisa Rothman Graduates with UNCA Leadership Asheville Class 36

McGuire Wood & Bissette attorney Lisa Rothman with her two dogs
McGuire Wood & Bissette attorney Lisa Rothman with her two dogs

Lisa with Cole on the left and Beamer on the right

MWB Attorney Lisa Rothman graduates from Leadership Asheville Class 36. Lisa joins MWB attorneys Sabrina Rockoff, Doris Loomis, Murphy Fletcher, Mary Euler,  Tom Grella, Richard Kort, Harris Livingstain,  Alston Ludwig, John Fleming and Joe McGuire as Leadership Asheville graduates. Click here for an overview of the LA 36 class projects.

The primary aim of the Leadership Asheville Program is to strengthen participants’ knowledge of, commitment to, and involvement in collaborative community leadership. The program is designed to develop, connect, and mobilize citizens from cross-sectors of the community, including business, nonprofit, education, and government.

The program begins in September and ends in May, with one full day of programming each month, and one overnight retreat. Program days are dedicated to both personal leadership development and community orientation, led by a variety of trainers, facilitators, and community leaders. There are also activities required outside of program days including readings, group project work, and writing assignments, which are integral program components. Beginning with the 2012 class (LA30), a second year of involvement became part of the Program which also enhances the value of your Leadership Asheville experience. Post-graduation, class participants are required to help design and participate in one class day the next year and/or be active committee members for key Leadership Asheville events and programs. This involvement over two years allows you to meet and engage with a larger and broader community of leaders.

Through interactive community orientation, personal leadership development training, outside activities, and a hands-on team project, the Leadership Asheville Program provides a strong curriculum for developing a broad, collaborative action-network of community leaders. Participants complete the program with an increased capacity to contribute as effective leaders, a strong connection to the network of Leadership Asheville Program graduates and supporters, and a greater knowledge of the area in which they live.


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