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    Smart Legal.

    The Restaurant industry is one of the most significant economic drivers in Asheville. McGuire, Wood & Bissette’s Restaurant Team, with our extensive employment, corporate, regulatory, intellectual property, real estate development and tax experience, plays an integral role in serving the legal needs of this industry.

    We understand the MWB-16-webdemanding nature of this industry and the challenges of managing staff, paying tipped employees properly and keeping accurate documentation in a fast-paced kitchen environment. In addition to representing many local restaurants, our Restaurant Team serves as legal counsel for the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association (AIR).

    Representative Restaurant Legal Services

    • Business Planning and Formation, including Partnership Negotiations
    • Commercial Leasing and Local Zoning and Land Use
    • Employee Handbook and Polices Preparation
    • Employee Confidentiality AgreementsPreparation, Particularly Related to Recipes and Processes
    • Training for Supervisors on Employee-Related Matters
    • Advice Regarding Proper Pay Practices, Particularly for Tipped Employees
    • Representation in DOL Audits and Federal and State Court Claims Made by Employees
    • Trademark and Trade Secret Protection and Management
    • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance with Health Department and ABC Commission