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    The Manufacturing and Distribution Team at McGuire, Wood & Bissette understands that manufacturers and distributors face unique legal challenges, whether negotiating agreements with suppliers and buyers within the same supply chain, establishing pricing and advertising policies for product distribution that comply with anti-trust laws or complying with the additional employment regulations that companies with 50 or more employees face.

    Our Manufacturing and MWB-19-webDistribution Team has extensive corporate, employment, regulatory, intellectual property, real estate, tax, litigation and economic development experience to help you address these challenges. We also serve as legal counsel for Western North Carolina Industries (WCI), an employer association servicing more than 800 work sites throughout Western North Carolina as well as the South Carolina Upstate, Eastern Tennessee and Western Virginia. We routinely counsel the following types of manufacturing and distribution companies:

    • Automotive parts and service equipment
    • Consumer goods
    • Electronics
    • Food
    • Beer
    • Healthcare products
    • Industrial systems and parts
    • Medical devices
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Textiles

    Representative Manufacturing and Distribution Legal Services

    • Supplier and Buyer Agreements (including Requirements Contracts)
    • Master Services Agreements, Purchase Orders and General Terms¬†and Conditions
    • Distribution and Warehousing Agreements
    • Contract Manufacturing Agreements
    • Product, Trademark and Patent Licensing Agreements
    • Consignment Agreements
    • Sales Agency, Subcontractor and Other Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Security Agreements and Other Payment Assurance Measures
    • Minimum Advertised Pricing Policies
    • Drafting Employee Policies and Procedures, including FMLA Policies and Practices
    • Representation in Employee Safety Incidents and OSHA Citations
    • Advice Regarding Employee Discipline and Termination Issues
    • Employee Complaint Investigations and Harassment Training
    • Union Avoidance Training
    • Representation in front of Governmental Agencies (EEOC) and in Federal and State Courts